Les Beauchamp
September 19, 2016

One of the greatest frustrations we have with God is: if He’s loving and all powerful, why doesn’t He use His power to keep bad things from happening. Unexplained losses, “acts of God,” and wicked people doing wicked things to good people fill our lives with sorrow and doubt about the goodness of God and the purpose of this life. Is there an answer? This talk will reveal a hidden truth being, the answer to the “why” is a “who” and in that “who” is the offer of hope.



God Hangups
Les Beauchamp
September 11, 2016-September 19, 2016

One of the greatest frustrations we have with God is: if He’s loving and all powerful, why doesn’t He use His power to keep bad things from happening. Unexplained losses, “acts of God,” and wicked people doing wicked things to good people fill our lives with sorrow and doubt about the goodness of God and the purpose of this life. Is there an answer? This talk will reveal a hidden truth being, the answer to the “why” is a “who” and in that “who” is the offer of hope.

A Fully Funded Life
Micah Eldridge
February 14, 2016-September 4, 2016

Life can throw a lot of challenges our way, but God’s Word gives us principles to build our lives on the rock so we can withstand adversity. Learn how tithing is a key part of building our lives on a steady foundation so we can be free from anxiety, free from the grip of greed, and growing in our devotion to Jesus.

Think Local
Mike Hintz
June 5, 2016-August 28, 2016

When it comes to influencing those around us for Jesus, sometimes we think we need to be experts. In this talk, Pastor Brian Demmel shares how to recognize  those who God has placed in our spheres of influence and how to sow seeds into their lives. We’ll learn that when it comes to sharing our faith, there are no experts and just because we may not pray with someone to receive the Lord, it doesn’t mean we haven’t helped them take a next step in their journey towards God. 

Everyday King
Mike Hintz
June 19, 2016-August 21, 2016

When we think about the life of King David we can easily make the mistake of knowing the events of his life, but missing who he is. Pastor Mike gives his insight into King David beyond the events of his life.

Steadfast & Immovable
Lee Cummings
August 7, 2016-August 7, 2016

It’s possible to live an unshakeable life even in a world filled with distractions. Learn how to lean in and lean back - stirred by God, unshaken by the world.

How To Pick A President
Les Beauchamp
July 3, 2016-July 3, 2016

Selecting the best Presidential candidate to vote for can be a real challenge. For many, making a selection in this 2016 election may feel impossible. In this talk you'll discover God's bigger picture of the world we live in and His wisdom to help you discover His peace as you vote.

How to Pick a President - Additional Resources - PDF

Empowered - Men
Les Beauchamp
May 15, 2016-May 29, 2016

What does it mean to be a man? Men are men by God's DESIGN, by the INFLUENCE of other men and by CHOOSING to act like a man. This talk will tackle some of the challenges men face and the inspiration Jesus gives so that all men can become the men they were designed by God to be.

Encounter Night
Jerry Hough
May 22, 2016-May 22, 2016

Pastor Jerry Hough speaks on desiring more of the Holy Spirit.


Mothering through the Mess
Sharla Hintz
May 8, 2016-May 8, 2016

Parenting is a huge assignment from God and the approach may need to change as children grow older. Sharla Hintz shares two game-changing principles from her own experience parenting four kids: “Know when to stop” and “Be with.” Her hilarious stories will leave you feeling confident to apply these wise principles to your own life.

To read more of the Hintz Family Values, visit Sharla’s blog.

Dave Collins
May 1, 2016-May 1, 2016

Temptation is a difficult subject for many Christians because we often fail! God would have us view temptation as an opportunity for blessing and for growth. By looking to Jesus’ example, we can become victors over temptation, rather than its slave!

Everybody Wins
Mike Hintz
April 3, 2016-April 25, 2016

What’s underneath the suit? Pastor Mike Hintz shares his story of transparency and challenges us to answer the question: “What am I hiding and how do I get real?”

Easter at Lifegate
Les Beauchamp
March 27, 2016-March 27, 2016
Most people love winning and can’t stand loosing. This talk asks the question: How could winning at anything in life matter if in the end you LOSE EVERYTHING?
Death has been the reigning champion impacting everyone, that is until Jesus defeated death once and for all. How’d He defeat such an opponent? You’ll be amazed as you learn anew the story that has the power to invite everybody to win.

Gifted for a Purpose
Les Beauchamp
March 20, 2016-March 20, 2016

Do you consider yourself a contagious person? If you are a follower of Jesus, you have been infected/affected by His love and Life and are uniquely called to be a part of a Viral Kingdom Epidemic of compassion, hope and salvation! Most people feel ill-equipped to make a difference but this talk will teach you it's easier than you can imagine.

3D: Three Dimensionally Gifted
Micah Eldridge
January 24, 2016-February 7, 2016

Our God is a servant and He gifts everyone of His followers to serve others as well. Not only does He give us Super Powers (spiritual gifts) but He also provides Super Trainers whose job is to train us, unite us and mature us.  In this talk you’ll meet your 5 trainers who can make an eternal difference in your 3-D life!

Greater Glory Conference 2016
David Perkins
January 17, 2016-January 19, 2016

When we begin our relationship with Jesus, we are invited to walk alongside Him in joy, healing and even in His suffering. In this message, Greater Sacrifice, from guest speaker David Perkins you’ll discover that we are encouraged to sacrificially give up our wants and desires so that we can become less and can experience more of Him in us.

Greater Love
David Perkins
January 17, 2016-January 17, 2016

Have you ever thought, “If only I could love God more, then maybe…” The truth is God cares for us regardless of our effort. His desire is that we would allow Him to establish His love as our identity and He invites us to embrace His Greater Love. In this talk from Guest Speaker, David Perkins, you’ll discover that as we learn to embrace His love towards us, we’ll learn how to reciprocate His love back.

Lean In Lift Up
Micah Eldridge
January 10, 2016-January 10, 2016

God has promises for us as individuals and as a church that we can’t even fathom right now. As we await those promises, we can often become discouraged or begin to feel hopeless. Yet God’s design for our relationship with Him is that we would Lean In & Lift Up when we feel adversity or discouragement creeping in, so that we may fully receive all He has for us and fully become all He wants us to be.

The Fast Way to God
Les Beauchamp
January 3, 2016-January 3, 2016
To most, the concept of fasting is about as attractive as the thought of getting the flu. Not eating is not something we like doing. But, Jesus changes everything, including fasting. What if I told you fasting is more about obtaining than it is about abstaining? And what if I told you this ancient practice has the ability to release health, freedom and peace into your entire being? And what if I told you, you won’t starve? This talk carries in it the potential for you to experience a dimension of life like you’ve only dreamt about if you’re willing to take the Fast Way to God.

Walking Daily with Jesus
Brian Demmel
December 27, 2015-December 27, 2015
At this time of the year it can be natural to reflect on the past, examine our present situations, and to look ahead to our future. As we endeavor to get closer to Jesus in 2016, we are challenged with the question: “What are some life-giving patterns  that the Lord would have me engage in and how can I walk daily with Him?” In this message, we’ll take a look at the rhythms we follow, the motives we have, and the fruit that we experience. We choose to walk with Jesus not to gain something; but rather to gain someone… Him!

The Best Christmas Ever
Micah Eldridge
December 6, 2015-December 20, 2015

What's your pace at Christmas? You ask yourself, "Do I even have a choice?" Most would say frantic and pressed.

Pulling out of Christmas may not be realistic but there is a pace you can choose above the press. It's a pace God gives as a gift to all who will receive it.

The 41 Factor
Les Beauchamp
November 22, 2015-November 29, 2015

Last week we saw that the number 40 represents a time of testing, proving and maturing. In this talk, discover God’s ongoing invitation to pass the test and be a part of something much bigger than ourselves!


All In
Mike Hintz
September 13, 2015-November 15, 2015

We live in a world where being second, rather than first or living in someone’s shadow do not attract us. Being first in line, first selected for a team, first place in a contest however, do attract us. It might surprise you to learn an All In life, a life of fulfillment, purpose and peace is one lived in the shadow of someone else. I know, how could that even begin to make sense? This talk will answer that question and invite you to be All In!

Presbytery 2015
Lifegate Church
October 18, 2015-October 18, 2015

This past weekend we began Presbytery, where trusted guests were invited to prophesy over leaders, staff and our congregation. A special thank you to our Presbyters; Pastor Tom Lane, Pastor Lee Cummings and Pastor Ed Ivie. These presbytery services are a great time of celebrating how God sees people we know and serve alongside.

Words in SeasonCandidate Videos

Trade Off
Micah Eldridge
September 6, 2015-September 6, 2015

Life is a series of trade off. Every day we¹re letting go of certain things in order to gain something else. Jesus teaches us that all of life is actually about one big trade off - letting go of our lives in order to gain the life He offers. This message will explore that divine trade off, and explain how to live it out in our daily lives.

Welcome Home
Les Beauchamp
August 16, 2015-August 30, 2015

God wants you to enjoy your life. Does this statement come as a surprise to you? It's true but few people, even followers of Jesus are experiencing the kind of life God desires for them. In this second talk of the Welcome Home series you'll discover what 3 hindrances will block joy in your life and how to overcome them.

Roots & Fruit
Mike Ballard
June 7, 2015-August 9, 2015

The message of Bitter Roots is all about examining the fruit that we see in our lives and tracing it back to either good or bad seeds that have taken root in our heart. The enemy, Satan, often uses the root of offense to make us bitter, resentful and therefore we stay in a state of unforgiveness to those who have hurt us. Jesus is clear in Scripture of the blessing of releasing and forgiving others and the devastating consequences of remaining in unforgiveness.

Kingdom People in a Changing Culture
Les Beauchamp
July 13, 2015-August 2, 2015

This talk is the completion of last weeks message and will uncover why so many people have a hard time believing the Christian God is anything but mean and oppressive when it comes to sexuality. Is the issue sexual orientation or is it an orientation that’s even bigger?

For further study and to broaden your perspective on this topic please visit  Pastor Les' Recommended Resources. Our hope is that these may give you greater insight, spark discussion and inspire prayer.

West Dodge Auditorium Dedication
Les Beauchamp
May 31, 2015-May 31, 2015

As we dedicate our new West Dodge Auditorium, we don’t want to miss the opportunity to dedicate an even more important space for God’s presence, our lives.

Does God Still Heal?
Tracy Rice
April 19, 2015-May 24, 2015

How can a person experience a greater measure of God’s healing manifested in their life? This, the final message in the Does God Still Heal series will focus on the most common hindrances to experiencing the full expression of God’s healing in our lives. We are trusting God that as you listen or watch God will remove any hindrance to healing in your life or in the lives of those you love.

Taking Ground - Lifegate Men's Retreat
Mike Hintz
April 24, 2015-May 1, 2015

*Please note some of this content specifically relates to men and men’s issues.

Tracy Rice
April 12, 2015-April 12, 2015
Declassified information are secrets now available for everyone to have access to. God has given us access to secrets the Holy Spirit wants to declassify to us. These quickened and ignited (rhema) words have the potential to release power and life to us, as we learn to hear the Holy Spirit speaking to us. Hearing God’s secrets can also lead to great adventures in our lives.

This Changes Everything
Micah Eldridge
March 22, 2015-April 5, 2015

What if something could happen today that changed everything for the good in your life? In this talk you'll hear news of something you may have never thought of: the death of death itself! You'll also discover a new way of playing rock, scissors, paper that has eternal impact on your life!

Vision Update
Lifegate Church
March 23, 2015-March 23, 2015

On Monday, March 23, Lifegate got together and heard from leadership about updates on construction and vision for the future.

Les Beauchamp
February 15, 2015-March 15, 2015

Tithing is God’s historic method of delivering His followers from our endless tendency to want life to revolve around what’s MINE. What actually happens when I tithe? This talk cuts through the deception of Mammon and shows us how God uses our willingness to tithe to break hell’s grip and populate heaven!

Special Guest Evan Thomas
Pastor Evan Thomas
February 23, 2015-February 23, 2015

Special guest Pastor Evan Thomas from Beit Asaph Congregation in Netanya, Israel gave a challenging and heartfelt insight to Psalm 105.

Tracy Rice
January 11, 2015-February 8, 2015

Worshipping God is simply an expression of my being captivated by His love for me. However, there are times we may feel held back inside from truly expressing ourselves to the Father. Why? In this message we look at the greatest hindrance to worship God in freedom and innocence and how to overcome it.

Greater Glory Conference 2015
David Perkins
January 18, 2015-January 20, 2015

Special Guest David Perkins

Worthy is the Lamb
David Perkins
January 17, 2015-January 17, 2015

Special Guest David Perkins

Greater Glory
Les Beauchamp
January 4, 2015-January 4, 2015

Principle of Priority
Micah Eldridge
December 28, 2014-December 28, 2014

Beginning a new year is a good time to assess our priorities. In this message, we’ll look at the Biblical principle of priority, which gives us insight into how God would have us align our lives. As we learn to align our priorities with His through prayer, we’ll discover a life that is fueled by his presence and filled with His promises.

Christmas Comfort
Les Beauchamp
December 21, 2014-December 21, 2014

Christmas, though a celebration, can be far from a source of comfort in our hectic, pressurized lives. Christmas Comfort is a message of good news for all people: first, God likes you! And next, God loves you! Discovering this begins with the first question asked in the Bible and the first asked in the New Testament. A question asked to each of us that, if considered, can release profound comfort in your life!

Les and Kris Beauchamp
November 9, 2014-December 14, 2014

This series is entitled Empowered: God's Design for Every Woman. In order to begin grasping how and why God created men and women, we have to go all the way back to the story of creation! Though you think you may know what happened and why; you are sure to be surprised and challenged by this talk whether you are a man, or a woman.

Dave Collins
November 23, 2014-November 23, 2014

Special Guest Tom Lane from Gateway Church
Tom Lane
November 2, 2014-November 2, 2014

Your Will Be Done
Les Beauchamp
October 12, 2014-October 26, 2014

Utter the words: "Your Will Be Done" in almost any setting or language and people will have some idea that this is part of a famous prayer. But, what does it mean?  The subject of God’s will can sometimes feel like a huge maze that we must navigate perfectly or get punished for failing at. In this first of three talks in this series on God’s will, you’ll discover God’s will for you is good and He wants you to experience it fully.

Taking Jericho
Tracy Rice
August 3, 2014-October 5, 2014

This is the second part of God’s 7 fold Jericho taking strategy. In this talk you you discover the counterintuitive way God led His people to victory in the face of impossible odds and is still leading all who are willing, to His victory today.

Globally Connected
Kiki Popadic
August 10, 2014-August 18, 2014

An Interview with a Survivor of Trafficking
Chris Heuertz & Shandra Woworuntu
July 27, 2014-July 27, 2014

Descending to Greatness
Les Beauchamp
July 13, 2014-July 20, 2014

As humans, we have a problem. We tend to be very self focused and it creates a lot of problems for us. God, on the other hand, is selfless. In this, the first of a two part series the truth that: God is a Servant will be explored as well as the powerful impact this reality can have on your life.

Tracy Rice
June 15, 2014-July 6, 2014
Fear is an enemy to living by faith! Often fear is dismissed because it can masquerade as control, independence or wisdom. Not confront and challenging our fears will hinder us from what is possible and captivate our focus from fixing our eyes on Jesus.

Les Beauchamp and Micah Eldridge
May 4, 2014-June 8, 2014

We have so much to CELEBRATE this weekend: from what God did through the Advance, to our future campus in Midtown and all of the renovation about to begin at our West Dodge Campus. Watch this message to hear the story of all God is doing through Lifegate!

Advance: God's Greater > Than
Les Beauchamp
April 27, 2014-April 27, 2014

Micah Eldridge
March 2, 2014-April 20, 2014

The world's religions involve people reaching out to God, but Jesus stands out in all of history in His declaration that God is reaching out to us. In this talk we learn how to experience Jesus: God's Way, Truth and Life and the transformation knowing HIM brings to our existence. 

Tracy Rice
February 3, 2014-February 23, 2014

This is the talk where most who listen discover they are richer than they ever thought they would be. You are going to laugh as you hear the list of rich people problems covered and then be inspired to discover the power and impact of being rich toward God.

Tracy Rice
January 5, 2014-January 26, 2014

We have a tendency to try to avoid the wilderness. In this message, Psalm 63 and David's retreating into the wilderness is the basis for discovering the benefits of fasting.

White Christmas
Lifegate Church
December 8, 2013-January 7, 2014

Jesus shows us the Secret to forgiving others but few know it and those who do doubt they can do it. This, week #2 in our White Christmas series, is about the secret to becoming the most joyous, fulfilled, peace-filled person you know - by choosing Christ's secret to forgiving.

Pastor Tracy Rice
December 29, 2013-December 29, 2013

Micah Eldridge
December 1, 2013-December 1, 2013

Living an Advancing Lifestyle
Les Beauchamp
November 25, 2013-November 25, 2013

Core Strength- Perform
Tracy Rice
October 27, 2013-November 17, 2013

The idea of God giving us a true "day off" is a thrilling thought but, just how does one go about such a thing and is it even possible in our "too-full" lives. The answer put simply - yes! in this talk Pastor Les will give you a workable plan to put Sabbath into practice!

Tom Lane
October 20, 2013-October 20, 2013

In this message, Pastor Tom Lane explains presbytery. Presbytery is done in community, under authority and is a time when God shows up in a way that brings life, comfort and peace as He reveals His heart towards people.

Core Strength - Train
Tracy Rice
September 22, 2013-October 13, 2013

Snake Salvation?! In the book of Numbers the Israelites were healed by looking at the poisonous snake on Moses' staff and not at themselves; caused by their own disobedience. In the book of John 3:14-18 Jesus BECAME poison. God gave his one and only son so we may "look to Him". Are you snake bit? In this message "snake bit", we clarify salvation through living God's way, not our own.

Core Strength - Measure
Tracy Rice
August 25, 2013-September 15, 2013

No one likes to admit they're out of shape and with the surge of interest in core strength, quite a few of us aren't quite sure what that means. In this, the first message of our Core Strength series we will be taking an honest assessment of our Spiritual/Emotional Core Strength which, if we're willing, will position us to get in the best shape of our lives!

Sticking Together Without Becoming Stuck
Tracy Rice
August 11, 2013-August 18, 2013

At Lifegate We live in authentic, committed relationships where we can belong and experience Real Life in Jesus! In this talk you'll learn what this looks like and how you can experience this Life as well.

Mike Ballard
June 30, 2013-August 4, 2013

When it comes to becoming the "right" person, the person your looking for is looking for, it can get complex. This talk is designed simplify things and help you begin living from God's Love out and not from selfishness in.

Storm Proof
Mike Ballard
April 14, 2013-June 23, 2013

We're all tempted to build our lives on things other than God. In this message you'll learn about the importance Jesus placed on building our lives only on faith in God in order to weather the storms of life.

Dad's Who Don't Stop Learning
Les Beauchamp
June 18, 2013-June 18, 2013

Most dads become dads with inadequate preparation for what the Bible conveys as perhaps the most important influence in a person's life. In this talk you'll learn in simple, doable terms who to be and what to do as a dad or, for that matter, anyone who makes a difference in the lives of those you do life with.

It's All About the Mission
Tracy Rice
June 9, 2013-June 9, 2013

In this video, Pastor Tracy talks about how our mission is to bring the kingdom of heaven to Earth.

Mother's Day 2013
Kris Beauchamp
May 12, 2013-May 12, 2013

Exposing a Lie to Release the Truth

This Mother's Day message is for all women and presents the insight from God's word that you're not inferior.

Les Beauchamp, Lifegate Church
April 7, 2013-April 7, 2013

172 Baptized

Because of the Cross
Lifegate Worship, Jake Adams
March 24, 2013-March 31, 2013

The resurrection of Jesus is the greatest news in life but, what does it have to do with me, today? The answer is: Everything. In this talk you'll discover the Good News of Easter that has the potential of changing your life - because of the cross.

Living Stones
Evan Thomas
March 17, 2013-March 17, 2013

Yeshua (Jesus) - Our Hope In Conflict

Becoming a River People
Les Beauchamp
March 10, 2013-March 10, 2013

There is a River that flows from the presence of God. This river releases life wherever it flows and God's design is that you would discover how to live in it's flow.

Positioned to Prosper
Tracy Rice
February 3, 2013-March 3, 2013

What positioned Abraham to prosper? James 2:23 says that Abraham was called God's friend. In this message you will see how friends of God relate to Him and that favor follows friendship.

Stories of God's Provision
Lifegate Church
February 2, 2013-March 2, 2013

The Saittas - Positioned to Prosper

Les Beauchamp
January 20, 2013-January 27, 2013

Jesus said we would know the truth and the truth would set us free. Are you free? Really free from everything that would hinder, hurt or halt your life in God? In this talk you'll learn that through the power of X freedom can begin . . . today!

Micah Eldridge
January 6, 2013-January 13, 2013

Not Just an Assignment but a Promise

Lifegate Papillion Grand Opening
Lifegate Church
January 13, 2013-January 13, 2013

Lifegate Papillion Ribbon Cutting

I Can Read the Bible
Les Beauchamp
December 30, 2012-December 30, 2012

God's Breath for Our Lives

God With Us
Micah Eldridge
December 3, 2012-December 23, 2012

Some gifts seem too good to be true especially if you’ve experienced gifts with “strings attached.” God’s greatest gift is not designed to tie you up but to set you free. As you listen you’ll learn to receive God’s greatest gift - for you!

Dolphins and Dragonflies
Les Beauchamp
November 25, 2012-November 25, 2012

Do you ever find yourself struggling to find time for the things that really matter in life? In Dolphins and Dragonflies we will learn God’s formula to living a meaningful, sustainable, rest-filled life!

Baptisms - November 18, 2012
Lifegate Church
November 18, 2012-November 18, 2012

We had an incredible time of declarations of faith and baptisms on November 18th with 125 people being baptized in our morning services. Here are some highlights.

Tracy Rice
November 11, 2012-November 11, 2012

Why is worship important in the life of a follower of Jesus? Psalm 100 gives insight and instruction to explore the reality of God's presence through a worshipping life.

How to Vote and Still be a Christian
Les Beauchamp
November 4, 2012-November 4, 2012

November 4, 2012

The Abundant Tithing Life!
Les Beauchamp
October 28, 2012-October 28, 2012

The Abundant Tithing Life!

Loving Change
Tracy Rice
September 16, 2012-October 21, 2012

Change is an inevitable part of our lives on earth and often a difficult part. In Loving Change you'll learn how to face change
with God's presence and real purpose.

Les Beauchamp
July 15, 2012-September 9, 2012

We vigilantly pray and stand for the Kingdom of God and against the powers of darkness knowing through God's authority and power, God's loving purposes will prevail.

The New You
Tracy Rice
May 20, 2012-June 24, 2012

May 27, 2012

In My Name
April 15, 2012-May 6, 2012

May 6, 2012

Access Granted
Les Beauchamp, Sean Keith
April 1, 2012-April 8, 2012

April 8, 2012

Les Beauchamp
January 8, 2012-March 25, 2012

March 4, 2012

Circle Making
Les Beauchamp
January 15, 2012-February 12, 2012

January 29, 2012